I got the mic: Mainland Regional’s Taylor Klever

The Mainland Regional High School girls lacrosse team had perhaps its finest season in program history in 2013, going 16-3 and winning a first-round state playoff game. Taylor Klever, an 18-year-old Northfield resident, was one of six seniors along with Caity McDonnell, Brianna Gerstel, Anna Gordon, Erin O’Connell and Miranda Lamey ­who were a big reason behind the Mustangs’ success. Glory Days Magazine publisher Dave O’Sullivan caught up with Klever following the Mustangs’ dominating 21-10 victory over Millville in Mainland’s season finale on Thursday.

Sully: What’s going through your mind now that you just came off the field after your final high school game?

Taylor Klever plans to continue her lacrosse career at Neumann University in Aston, Pa., this fall.

Taylor Klever plans to continue her lacrosse career at Neumann University in Aston, Pa., this fall.

Klever: It’s actually kind of sad. But it would be more sad if I wasn’t playing in college. I’m excited about college.

Sully: Where are you going to college?

Klever: Neumann University (in Aston, Pa.). I’m really excited, I love my coach already and I love the team already. But it’s going to be so weird not playing for (Mainland coach Bernadette) Daley. I love Daley, she’s my favorite coach ever. We have probably the best senior – and everyone – group.

Sully: What was this game like for you? A different kind of feeling than any other game?

Klever: It was our last game, so it was emotional. Millville has always been a big threat. This is the first year we’ve beaten them in a while. It’s a big win. It’s exciting.

Sully: What’s been the highlight of your high school career?

Klever: Beating Ocean City this year (an 8-7 win earlier this season). Definitely. Beating Ocean City was awesome.

Sully: What can you say about this group of seniors? It seems like a really tight-knit group.

Klever: We’re really close. We’ve been together since freshman year and we just click with everything. We know how everyone shoots and how fast everyone is. We just play great together.

Sully: What are you looking forward to most this summer?

Klever: Playing more lacrosse, and just being with my friends.

Sully: What do you think it will be like on your last day of high school when that final bell rings?

Klever: I’m actually very sad about graduating. People are excited to leave. I’m excited to leave, but I don’t want to leave my friends. I love high school, but I’m excited for college too.

Sully: What’s been the best thing about being on this team?

Klever: We’re like family. We are so close on and off the field. We just have so much fun. Some practices in other sports people dread going to, but I love coming to practice here because it’s so much fun.

Sully: What’s something people don’t realize about girls lacrosse?

Klever: People think you can’t touch anyone and you can’t get hit, but you actually get hit a lot! I got hit probably 10 times today. It’s very physical, and people don’t really know that.

Sully: Do you have any superstitions?

Klever, a senior, was a key player this season, helping the Mustangs go 16-3 and earn a berth in the state playoffs.

Klever, a senior, was a key player this season, helping the Mustangs go 16-3 and earn a berth in the state playoffs.

Klever: I have been wearing the same headband, and hair tie, and spandex since the first day. I wash them, of course!

Sully: Is there any particular type of music you are into?

Klever: We listen to Hannah Montana on the bus (to away games), and old Disney songs like The Lion King. That’s just our fun thing we do.

Sully: If you could go on a dream vacation, where would you go and why?

Klever: Fiji, definitely. Because they have underwater hotels. And I’m obsessed with fish.

Sully: What do you think you’ll think about 10 years from now when you reflect on your high school career?

Klever: I’ll never forget this senior year. Beating Ocean City was the highlight. It was awesome. I’ll never get over that feeling.

Sully: What’s your life dream?

Klever: I want to be an orthodontist.

Sully: Sum up what it’s been like going to Mainland Regional High School.

Klever: I love Mainland. It’s pretty much awesome, that’s a great word. It’s perfect.

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