I got the mic: Absegami’s David Blake


An injury suffered during wrestling season put Absegami senior David Blake, who also played football for the Braves, on the shelf for the baseball season. But Blake is still at every game with his jersey on, rooting on his teammates and serving as a mentor for a team that includes seven sophomores and six juniors. Glory Days Magazine publisher Dave “Sully” O’Sullivan caught up with Blake following the Braves’ dramatic win over visiting Vineland on Thursday in Galloway Township.

Sully: How did you get injured?

Blake: I was wrestling up in Pennsylvania at a tournament and I just came down wrong and tore my meniscus.

Sully: What’s it like for you now having to go through your senior baseball season not playing?

Blake: It’s really rough, but it’s great to see the team get wins like this.

Sully: What keeps you coming out here? A lot of guys might say, hey, the heck with it and just spend their time trying to rehab.

Blake: It’s a big team thing. I love being with the guys. We have a real strong bond, and being out here with them is better than anything else.

Sully: How much do you miss not being out on the field?

Blake: Aww, man, it’s indescribable.

Sully: What are your thoughts looking back on your high school career?

Blake: I’m really happy with how everything went. I’m really glad I started doing wrestling, and I was able to play football this year and that was a great experience.

Sully: What are your plans for next year?

Blake: Next year I’m going to Lehigh University to study biology.

Sully: What do you think it will be like on your last day of high school when that final bell rings?

Blake: There’s going to be a lot of mixed feelings, looking back and remembering things, but I’m looking forward to the next step in my life.

Sully: What is your favorite MLB throwback jersey?

Blake: I’m a huge Phillies fan, so I’m gonna have to go with them. The sky blue one they wore in the old days.

Sully: If you could hang out for a day with any major-league player, who would it be?

Blake: Probably Chase Utley since he went through an injury setback. I’d like to see how he came back from it, and I’ve always liked him as a player. He seems like a cool guy.

Sully: Your dream car, what would it be?

Blake: I’m a big Jeep guy, so probably a supped-up Jeep, take it to the beach in the summer.

Sully: If you could ask any celebrity to the prom, who would it be?

Blake: Mila Kunis.

Sully: Good choice, she’s definitely hot.

Sully: When you were wrestling what’s the fastest you ever got pinned?

Blake: I think, probably, about 45 seconds. It was a state qualifier in my first year of wrestling. It was quick.

Sully: How do you get on your parents’ nerves the most?

Blake: Has to be music. They are always telling me to turn it down because they are trying to sleep.

Sully: What does your mom get on you most about?

Blake: Either being clean, grades or the music. She doesn’t like any cursing, so ya gotta keep it clean around her.

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